Art & Culture Exhibitions featuring innovations in Public Art, Techism, Fashion Design & Philosophy.

ArtRepublic is a global movement of highly-curated, immersive experiences to empower artists with resources to help them create their most boundary pushing work.



ArtRepublic curates public art showcasing the world’s leading artists, creating outdoor museums  that inspire and elevate communities. Today’s Contemporary Street Artists have created their own genre.

Techism is about creating human culture in a digital age and the true role of an artist in society. ArtRepublic curates Techism Exhibitions featuring the leading digital and video artists from around the world.

The signature black-tie Fashion Design Gala and Exhibition showcases fashion as applied art and the profound role it plays in human culture, enabling individuals to express their artistic taste through it’s many forms.

It has always been the artists, creators and philosophers who allow us to transcend ourselves and reach new heights.  They pull the future into the physical, aiding us in upgrading our current viewpoints and ways of life.






Plein Air with the Masters

An evening inspired by the Rouge Visionaries of our past An artful evening amongst our city’s leading Visionaries, Influencers and Leaders; The commencement of ArtRepublic 2017 graciously hosted by Teresa Radzinski and…


Art Republic Highlights ’16

Our creative team of Experience Architects designed exhibitions of traffic-stopping murals, performance art, education and live events, setting the stage for a collision to take place between emerging and world-renowned artists, collectors,…


Luxuryia Fashion Show

Centered in the heart of Jacksonville’s urban core, ArtRepublic presents an evening of fashion, music and mindfulness. New York-based luxury brand LUXURYIA will unveil its new Upcycle Collection, a range of environmentally…


What is ArtRepublic?

Introducing ArtRepublic, a 3-day mural and art expo invading Jacksonville’s urban core on 11/11. With a curatorial theme of “Modern City of Dreams”, the vision of ArtRepublic is to establish Jacksonville’s urban core as a…