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Kenor is a Barcelona artist who uses simple shapes and strong colors to create art in many different fields, such as canvas, walls, installations and even clothes.

Started painting in 1990, son of a sevillan painter and photographer, emerged into street art in the late eighties and decided to share his art, first with a barrio (neighborhood) L’Hospitalet in Barcelona and that the rest of the city, and finally – with the rest of the world. At first, Kenor was focused on more traditional urban art. Thanks to his fascination with typography and logos, he experimented with letters without a prototype. Later on, with a progression of Barcelona Street Art scene, his style and artistic expression also went through some changes. As Kenor says, he intended to “decorate the dead cities” – he used to search for abandoned, damaged and worn parts of the town that desperately needed reanimation and resuscitation. He became a sort of spokesperson against the greyification of Barcelona, and against the new laws which have come to repress so much of the cities previously active street-life.

Location: Spain
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