Chris Clark

Chris Clark (b. 1987) is a visual artist from Tallahassee, Florida working and living in Jacksonville, Florida. After creating art for most of his life, he decided to go into art full time in 2016. Since then, Clark has had successful solo art shows, been a part of numerous art exhibitions, been the recipient of two artist grants, and will have work travel to South Africa to be displayed at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Museum Of Art. Chris, who also goes by Cooli Ras Art on social media is also a children’s book author/illustrator. His first book titled “Glonda’s Hair”, was inspired by his oldest daughter and published in the fall of 2017. Although he’s been creating art for forever, he’s still pretty new to the mural scene with just three under his belt. His objective with his art is to target social issues and represent black culture and beauty through his body of work. Clark primarily works with acrylic and mixed media to bring his unique style to life.

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