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INO is a visual artist from Greece who studied Fine Arts and now works as a freelancer. Although his main degree was in painting, he also attended workshops in photography, typography, multimedia, hypermedia and graphic design. INO’s first experimental pieces emerged in high school when he started creating graffiti fonts and characters. Gradually, his work evolved into figurative painting. After mastering the technique of photorealism, he started producing works with a unique texture coming out of aerosol fat-cap valve touches. He has been also creating pieces formed by light transparent layers made of acrylic paint and water. His images are identified by fragmented forms, photorealistic elements and his grayscale color palette with touches of light blue. Inspired by the behavior of people and the consequences of their actions, INO’s art explores themes of social and political issues, as well as the misuse of technology and power. In addition to his canvases, he also creates large scale murals thus achieving impressive compositions in the urban landscape. In recent years, he has made his mark internationally by participating in world-class public art festivals, various projects and exhibitions primarily in Europe, Middle East and America. INO’s client list includes National Geographic, The Coca-Cola Company, Onassis Cultural Centre, Story Nightclub Miami and Dj Avicii. His work has been featured in several publications including Juxtapoz Magazine, Vice, CBC, The Guardian, Reuters and The New York Times.

Location: Greece

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