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Martin Ron

Caseros , March 13, 1981 is an artist corresponding to the urban art movement . He is known as one of the ten best muralists in the world, co-founder of the program “Urban Beautification”, was the first to paint a large mural in the neighborhood of Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires, and participated Of numerous interventions in many stations of the Subway of Buenos Aires . With international acclaim, Ron has painted murals in cities like London, Tallin, Penang (Malasya), Brístol, Miami, Tenerife, Bremen and Glauchau, bringing color and life to the streets. His works on a large scale are characterized by the hyperrealistic style, with the use of strong colors, textures and elements of everyday life.

He has worked with 3D technique, realism and one of his personal seals is the use of the grid that is present in several of his murals. He is also a canvas artist, using the medium for the expression of another type of art, on a smaller scale, but with many of the elements that characterize it, such as textures and elements of everyday life.

He studied art and culture at the National University of Tres de Febrero, where he later taught as a teacher teaching Muralism courses. Currently, he continues to develop seminars and workshops independently.

Location: Buenos, Aires
Website: Martin Ron

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