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René Romero Schuler

René Romero Schuler is one of the most important and well-collected contemporary artists to emerge out of the Midwest in the last decade. The Chicago-based artist creates powerful paintings and sculptures that convey strength, vulnerability and a holistic view of beauty. Romero Schuler’s oeuvre has garnered attention from gallerists, notable collectors, museums and the media alike, both on a local and international scale.

Romero Schuler’s early expressionistic paintings have been compared to Jean Dubuffet and Willem de Kooning, while her recent work is influenced by Susan Rothenberg, Michel Nedjar and Maryann Kolb. The content and execution of her abstract female figures, however, sets her apart from all others. Romero Schuler captures the complexity of modern femininity and explores the many dynamic facets of the human spirit including power, vulnerability, resilience, spirituality, beauty and imperfection; yet her art also projects a deliberate optimism with the aim of inspiring her viewers with hope, fortitude and, ultimately, strength. Her approach is personal yet universal, and profoundly intimate. The female figures she captures are equal parts self-portraiture and portraits of a range of human emotions. Her work is visually and emotionally affecting and powerfully reveals her appreciation for the struggle and triumph of the human condition. Of late, Romero Schuler has focused more introspectively to reveal work that speaks to feminist and societal issues that resonate with her.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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