Tory Burch Fundraiser Event

A night filled with fabulous fashion, creative and inspiring conversations and accompanied by some of the most philanthropic and respected individuals in our city, we are honored to have hosted such an amazing fundraiser.
The partnership of ArtRepublic & Tory Burch is very much a synchronistic one. Tory Burch believes, like ArtRepublic, that drawing on our experiences and on conversations with passionate people from around the world can develop resources and initiatives that promote the success and sustainability of dedicated individuals. ArtRepublic is proud to assist in providing access to resources, development, curation, production and networking opportunities to our artists, creating a one of kind platform for creative minds.


“We are elevating the art and culture atmosphere of Jacksonville in a way that people have been wanting for a long time. Returning the voice of our culture to the artists and providing them with resources to allow them to create ambitious new work, this is truly a global movement.”
– Jessica Santiago
ArtRepublic CEO & Curator

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